Monday, 11 April 2011

Lev Vygotski, the 'Mozart' of Psychology

I would like to write about him because, in my view, he emphasized in the importance of a elementary thing: the Other’s support.

Lev Vygotski was a soviet psychologist. He was born in 1896, into a Jewish family. He grew up in Gomel. He studied at Moscow and then he returned to his town. He liked psychology, literature and philosophies, and he taught about it in different places. He liked to read to Marx, Freud and Hegel.

But, in 1919, when he was 23, he has contracted tuberculosis. He has known he’s going to die young, and it motivated him to work with more dedication. Finally, he died in 1934. He was 38 years old.

He understood human development like a process that includes the social interaction as an essential factor. All our abilities are possible by the support of the ‘other’ –mom, dad, sister, etc.-. So, in a determinate moment of life, I could have learnt a lot of things by myself, but there are some things I only can do with the help of that significant other. So, development is about how I’m learning to do more activities by myself, turning me on a more autonomous person.


  1. A.J! Nice post, it looks like you are a fan of Vigotski haha. I like him too, I think it's always important to look at the others like something totally constitutive of who we are.
    see you :)

  2. Human development is an important issue, is something that defines us:)

  3. Human development related to social interaction,it sounds like my life's philosophy.
    Good post.

    You say "turn myself INTO"
    Just that, A.J
    See u on monday!